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Go from struggle to comfort with your angels

You don't have to live with painful issues in your life that then manifest in your body, causing you pain. Let me help you.

Amanda Brown is the Southern Belle of Angel and Spirit Communication, bringing you healing and guidance through grace, compassion and ancient wisdom.


Contact Amanda today and let her guide you through a journey of healing and opening your heart to connect with laughter, love and light! 


Amanda uses a mix of spiritual tools and principles, Reiki, and 30 years of Life Coaching experience to help you heal. 

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Deborah, Oregon

Whenever I am blessed to have a reading with Amanda Brown, I know I can trust her with my deepest concerns.  She will bring  guidance from both my Angels and loved ones in Spirit with  clarity and compassion.

Amanda's ability to  speak directly to the heart of a concern with remarkable accuracy is perfectly balanced with heartfelt kindness.

Jo, Canada

When I reached the morning that I could not wake up anymore in the shame, I asked spirit what to do. I was looking around and I heard “reach out to Amanda” so I did…

She provided me safety and confidence to drop my weapons. That first meeting gave me courage and strength …

Overall, her loving and HONEST energy is exactly what I needed to break the pattern, face my addiction, and begin a path to recovery…

Joanie, Texas

After my husband died, I was looking for a life coach to help me get my life back on track. By coincidence, I met Amanda at an event that we both attended. She mentioned she was a life coach before it was even a thing! Her enthusiasm, sense of humor and energy was magnetic. I immediately knew she was the life coach for me. She helped me move forward at a time when I thought I’d never be able to be happy again. I am so grateful for her wonderful techniques and the loving, supportive way she has coached me on to my best life, to achieve my goals and moved me forward to achieve my dearest dreams. Thank you, Amanda! You’re the best!!

How Amanda Can Serve You

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You're in the right place.

With over 30 years of experience, Amanda Brown is the spiritual healing expert you need! She will help support your healing surrounding:


  • feeling disconnected

  • major life transitions

  • managing stress

  • marriage/relationships

  • long term recovery

  • motherhood 

  • grief work 

“I was diagnosed with liver cancer after years of living with Hepatitis C. During my liver transplant, surgery complications and after, Amanda treated me in the most amazing way. She used a healing energy treatment called reiki that was effective in relieving both my stress and discomfort. 
Amanda is a truly gifted healer, and she studies and improves her talents on a regular and ongoing basis. I recommend Amanda to anyone wishing to find that extra something special from a truly talented spiritual healer."
- Myles Wright

Ready? Let's Go.

Thank you. I will contact you within 24 hours. If you don't hear back, check your spam folder!



"My mediumship reading with Amanda was deeply moving and enlightening. She was able to connect with a number of dearly departed souls who were eager to convey messages to me through her. Her ability to receive and decipher even the more obscure pieces of information with clarity is top notch. I was amazed at how quickly she figured out what each person was saying, as they all had different ways of communicating. The manner in which she spoke to them and encouraged them was endearing and her commitment to her craft is heartwarming.

My reading was amazing and deeply meaningful. The messages have helped me tremendously! I recommend a reading with Amanda to anyone hoping to connect with a loved one on the other side or anyone walking the path of spiritual enlightenment and self improvement.

Thank you Amanda!!!"


"Amanda is the girl you want when you need a cosmic cheerleader! Amanda has an effervescence that is rarely seen and is exciting to see in a reader. Her readings are accurate and to the point, but delivered in a loving and kind way. If you need a spiritual boost in your life Amanda is your cosmic guide."


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