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Amanda is pure MAGIC. She and her spirit guides have an amazing way of honing in on the areas that need attention in your life. She provides tools, advice, and homework to help you grow and feel fabulous! Plus, she’s a lovely person. You’ll be so grateful you chose to meet with her.”


- Suzanne Casamento, California 

"As a Lightworker, I want every person that I work with to know that they can overcome any obstacle, and that they have tremendous strength inside of themselves."

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Amanda is a seeker, a survivor and an overcomer! Being raised in a dysfunctional family and coming from a broken home is some of what created the seeker that is Amanda. At the age of 19,  she made a life changing decision that has given her over 30 years in recovery. 
Amanda’s goal is to always try and turn her negative life experiences into experience, strength and hope for others. 

Based in Montgomery, Alabama

She’s married to her husband Gary (her soulmate) whom she has been with for 30 years and married for 22 years. Amanda is a mother to a daughter, 19 years old and in College, and a 17 year old son, a Junior in high school. 


Amanda has a teacher’s heart, and uses those skills as a  life coach, as well as workshop leader and keynote speaker all across the country.  Amanda loves to travel, and can be found somewhere outside every day. Walking or hiking in nature, kayaking, or simply sitting on the front porch watching the hummingbirds brings her heart great joy! 


She loves her fur babies, and currently has 3 dogs that make her life entertaining and filled with unconditional love :)  Want to see photos of her fur babies? 


Amanda & internationally renowned speaker, author, spiritual intuitive, radio show host Radleigh Valentine


Amanda & John Harold Moore, Family/Ancestral Constellations Teacher


Amanda & Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand


Amanda & Author, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Angelic Advisor Brigitte Parvin


Amanda & Dougall Fraser, Psychic, Author, Aura expert

Amanda's training includes over 30 years as a lay counselor and life coach. Over the years, she has had the honor and privilege of studying under different educational and spiritual masters.

She is an Usui Reiki Master, Native American Spiritual Healer, Certified Recovery Support Specialist and Ordained Minister. Her gifts include Reiki, Intuitive Development, Channeling, Mediumship, Angel Card Readings and Aromatherapy. 

Meet Amanda

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